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About William Moore Music

Welcome, intrepid explorer, to the cosmic bazaar that is William Moore's merchandise store! From the dusk-lit groves of Kent, this independent singer-songwriter weaves tales as captivating as they are evocative, pairing heartfelt narratives with unforgettable hooks and a melody that knows no bounds.

Evolving from the nocturnal lullabies of the 2021 EP "Songs for Nocturnal Consumption" featuring the leading single "Good Guy," William has spread his creative wings. With the powerful alt-rock anthem "VALIDATION," he’s delved deep into the human condition, unearthing our collective yearning for purpose amidst an increasingly tumultuous world.

Now, as summer dawns, William's palette has exploded with vibrant new colors. Introducing "July," a radiant summer anthem that echoes the laughter of sun-kissed days and the warmth of long, balmy nights. And let's not forget "I Know," a pulsating dance-pop love song that draws you into a whirlwind of affectionate whispers and electrifying beats.

But the enchantment does not stop there. Mirroring the mystical charm of his TikTok realm, where Lovecraftian rhymes meet fae-laden folklore, this store has expanded its horizons. Alongside the melodic mementos of his music, you'll now find an array of merchandise that embodies the otherworldly aesthetic of his TikTok ventures.

Whether you're here for the notes that echo across space and time or the visual tapestries of the unseen, you've come to the right place. Here, every item is a piece of a grand puzzle, a fragment of the magic that makes William Moore who they are—a bard of modern times, a chronicler of the unseen, and a storyteller for the ages.

Thank you for being part of this journey, and may the magic you find here inspire your own tale to unfold.